About Seki.media

Seki.media is a small digital media cooperative in north Louisiana. We have a combined decades of experience in still photography, from portraiture to commercial and event, sound design, videography, and web design. When it comes to your next digital media project, whatever it may be, please consult us for the best product and production experience.

Our Name

In the boardgame go, there is a position called seki, which translates from the Japanese to “Mutual Life.” As a cooperative, we strive to provide the best working experience for our clients, our members, and our community. Accordingly, we hope the name seki.life embodies our ethos as a company. Being the digital media division of seki.life, seki.media is the source for all your digital produciton needs. Please visit the other branches of the seki.life family at seki.dev.

John Emory

A graduate of Louisiana Tech University in Mathematics, John has been involved in the performing and visual arts for decades. As former Technical Director of the Dixie Center for the Arts, he has been involved in sound and lighting design for a variety of theatrical and musical productions.

Kendrick Carter

The current Technical Director of the Dixie Center for the Arts, Kendrick has years of experience in live sound, studio recording, and post-production audio. He will bring a polished touch to the audio for your next production.

Frank Severic

A masters candidate at LSUS, Frank is a graphics and web designer who has been a contributer to Louisiana Film Prize projects for the previous two years. Frank is our Customer Relations Representative, so if you’re thinking of a project, send him an email.

John Emory Written by:

John is trained as a mathematician and enjoys programing, photography, and go.